Magnus Carlsen stunned by 17-year-old super talent Abdusattorov Nodirbek | World Rapid 2021

After Magnus Carlsen got the better of Alireza Firouzja and Jan Krzysztof Duda, very few people thought that he would have trouble winning the World Rapid 2021, but the 17-year-old Uzbek phenom Abdusattorov Nodirbek had other intentions. Abdusattorov ground down Carlsen in the same style for which the World Champion is famed. Check out the game and get to know the tension that arose in the tournament hall when the game was going on.
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Video: ChessBase India
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  1. Aryan Chaudhary

    Aryan Chaudhary

    This chess thing has really picked up in the last few years. I like how they took an online game and made the pieces and stuff so it could be played in real life.

  2. Foo Barrel

    Foo Barrel

    Fantastic game, and the kid was always up on time! Magnus must have been having heart-palpitations for the last 20 minutes!



    the end game was crazy, he defended his own pawn while simultaneously attacking the king AND the black pawn while forcing a position which carlsen wasnt too happy to end in. really phenomenal.

  4. Ralph Bernatz

    Ralph Bernatz

    Well played from this young chap - hope to see more from him. Hats off!

  5. barenuffsafe


    Abdusattorov coming in like an absolute G, calmly pressed all the way then held the pawn into a victorious QP endgame against the best to ever do it. This kid was cold as ice and deserves the title for days. Big up man like Abdu nuff respect

  6. DoJoStan


    The protection of the pawn was insane. What a game.

  7. Carlitoz_PR


    Is not the first time this kid has given Magnus so much trouble, this time he won instead of a draw. Amazing talent

  8. Martin Eriksson

    Martin Eriksson

    This is truly the most amazing chess game in a long, long time, and the way this 17-year old guy thinks and play beats even my all time favorite player Bobby Fischer.Congratulations!👆☺️



    Absolutely amazing! This kid has a nerve of steel!!!

  10. abu hassan

    abu hassan

    Very intense minds , love the dynamics of the young man 👏👏👏

  11. Skaarphy


    I love how the extent of Nodirbek's triumph was a quick glance at Carlson at

  12. Jakhongir Khamzaev

    Jakhongir Khamzaev21 أيام قبل

    What a bloody game!

  13. Pohorex


    You can tell that they came in with the initial plan against either other. Nodirbek clearly wanted freedom of movement and Carlson clearly knew how good nodirbek is at attacking with his knights. The early game for this was so fascinating and shows why they are the best

  14. Азизбек Каримов

    Азизбек Каримов

    Всем братским народам спасибо за поддержку,и поздравления нашего шахматиста.Желаю того же вам.

  15. alex sokolov

    alex sokolov

    Молодец Нодирбек. Браво. Здоровья тебе, твоим родным и близким. Так держать!

  16. Luis Rincon

    Luis Rincon

    This whole match was incredible from the start. My favorite move was at

  17. Md shahid Ansari

    Md shahid Ansari

    Well played from this young chap - hop to see more from him. Hats off!!

  18. King Bradley

    King Bradley

    Defending that h7 pass pawn was absolutely insane by Nodirbek. A young talent on the rise for sure

  19. PaullHutchh


    WHAT A LEGEND !!! Absolutely brilliant.

  20. Branko Dancula

    Branko Dancula

    Once in a lifetime, great endplay and great comment from Carlsen after did you underestimate him